Top 100 Cosmetic Trends in August

The cosmetics industry is always striving to create the best products for consumers, and the August 2020 cosmetics lineup of trends underscores how the industry is staying abreast of current innovations.

One beauty brand is leveraging the increasingly popular “faux freckle” trend that began on social media as a beauty filter and quickly inspired a host of beauty bloggers giving tutorials on how to achieve the youthful, sunkissed look. The
Freck Beauty XL OG Freckle Pen mimics the appearance of natural freckles with a vegan and cruelty-free makeup product. Users can expect the faux freckles to last as long as a traditional eyeliner would and can remove the product with makeup wipes.

Moreover, amid the resurgence of the Black Lives Matter movement, Ebony Crown launched a market place that curates hair and beauty businesses owned by Black entrepreneurs. The owner is “about the philosophy that money spent in the Black hair and beauty space should go back to Black-owned companies,” as currently, only 15% of the spending goes directly to Black owners.

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