Protective Plastic-Free Visors : protective visor

In response to a global pandemic, there’s been an upswing in the use of single-use items like gloves, masks and protective visors but A Plastic Planet is on a mission to remind people that disposables don’t need to be wasteful. Wi the aid of Reelbrands and Transcend Packaging, A Plastic Planet created a plastic-free protective visor for doctors and nurses working in hospitals. The REELshield is made from FSC food-grade paper as well as a certified home compostable PEFC wood pulp cellulose, which makes it both compostable and recyclable.

The lightweight, eco-friendly piece of protective equipment boasts an adjustable design that’s just as useful as its plastic counterparts. To support the proper disposal of PPE, A Plastic Planet is working with Terracycle to create marked bins.

Image Credit: A Plastic Planet

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