High-Performing Ethical Haircare : ethical haircare

weDo is a new brand that makes high-performing natural hair care products to support a more ethical and sustainable future. The brand’s minimalist, vegan and cruelty-free products appeal to Millennial and Gen Z consumers, especially as the products are made in a way that helps to conserve resources and many of them boast multipurpose forms. The Protect Balm, for example, can be used as a hair texturizer or a lip balm, the Natural Oil is a hair and boxy elixir and the Moisturizing Day Cream can be used for the hands or hair.

Just as the brand’s products are mindfully formulated, they are carefully packaged to reduce waste, using solutions that are 100% recyclable, made with post-consumer recycled plastic and FSC certified recycled cardboard.

Image Credit: weDo

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