Artisan Japanese-Inspired Cakes : Keki Modern Cakes

New York-based bakery Keki Modern Cakes specializes in contemporary pastries that draw inspiration from traditional Japanese recipes. Founders Moul Kim and Lawrence Wai were inspired to open the bakery after returning to the US from their travels across Asia — missing the smells and unique flavors synonymous with local bakeries in Japan, Taiwan and Korea.

In addition to its best-selling Bouncy Cheeseke, made with locally sourced ingredients from Upstate New York including “Organic Grass Fed Milk, Amish Cream Cheese, and Organic Free-Range Eggs,” Keki Modern Cakes also specializes in its signature frozen Fancy Cakes. The desserts are available in flavors like Cookie n Cream, Strawberry, Green Tea and Original, a modern spin on a classic New York style cheesecake. Each dessert is frozen for convenience and takes just two to three hours to defrost before it is ready to be served.

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